Patents Details
Dr. S. Kanmani,
Professor & Director

"A Scalable Compact UV-LED Photocatalytic Reactor"
Status : Granted - 2022

"Multi-Zone Attached Growth Batch Bio–reactor & Method of Biological Treatment of Domestic Wastewater"
Status : Granted - 2020

"Hyper Cross Linked Iron Quercetin-3-Malonyl Glucoside In Textile Wastewater Treatment"
Status : Published - 2020

"Gas–Phase Recovery of Hydrogen from Hydrogen Sulphide using Photocatalysis"
Status : Granted - 2015

Patents Details
Dr. K. Palanivelu,

"Method for Producing Glycerol Carbonate by Direct Carbonation Reaction of Glycerol and CO2 in Presence of Heterogeneous Catalyst"

Status : Granted - 2020